Validating information

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Structured validation allows for the combination of any of various basic data type validation steps, along with more complex processing.Such complex processing may include the testing of conditional constraints for an entire complex data object or set of process operations within a system.

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For example, an experienced user may enter a well-formed string that matches the specification for a valid e-mail address, as defined in RFC 5322 but that well-formed string might not actually correspond to a resolvable domain connected to an active e-mail account.

A judgement as to whether data is valid is made possible by the validation program, but it cannot ensure complete accuracy.

This can only be achieved through the use of all the clerical and computer controls built into the system at the design stage.

The Validation rule or check system still used by many major software manufacturers was designed by an employee at Microsoft sometime between 19.

The method is to check that data follows the appropriate parameters defined by the systems analyst.

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