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I remember 8 years ago thinking to myself that adult webcam sites would someday be a massive cultural phenomenon because they truly offer an immersive and up-close view; a view gives you the real sensation of hanging out with someone.


The industry as a whole is also now estimated to be larger than 2 billion dollars, making it larger than online dating.

We now live in an age where webcam girls are the celebrities of social media chat sites like Twitter and Instagram and where instead of going to a neighborhood porn video store, adults can watch real live sex and have thousands of choices as to what live xxx webcams shows they want to see.

As a matter of fact after being a popular search phrase some 15 years ago adult webcams have become pretty mainstream as the declining search volume for the this general terms demonstrates.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department appreciates everyone who spent time over the past few months observing a pair of nesting bald eagles on the web cam.

While this particular nest at Lake Pleasant failed to produce an eaglet this season, it’s important to remember that the purpose of the web cam is to provide an unedited glimpse of nature, which can be unforgiving.

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