Who is nelly carreno dating

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debut, including his 2007 song "Give it to Me," which also featured Justin Timberlake.

Furtado sings on the chorus: "If you see us in the club, we'll be acting real nice / If you see us on the floor, you'll be watchin' all night." Sounds pretty harmless, right? 1 spot on the Hot 100 in April 2007, but despite the track's success, Furtado has made it no secret that she regrets the project.

The intent is to trick potential dates into falling for their “inner beauty,” but all this ruse really reveals about someone is that he’s a liar.

The Portuguese-Canadian singer put the world into a trance as she seamlessly infused her adoration for folk-pop with Timbaland's futuristic R&B beats.

, Furtado revealed that when she left the music world behind, she started doing her own chores.It was official: Furtado had taken the world by storm.The Grammy-winner was well on her way to becoming a prominent fixture in the entertainment industry … In the blink of an eye, she seemingly disappeared from every magazine cover and slammed the brakes on her "Get Loose" tour. Furtado endured a series of personal struggles that sent her life into a downward spiral.It wasn't long before the pangs to create her own music struck again, and Furtado ditched her record store gig to team up with producer John Congleton for her album, era, Nelly Furtado proved that she was a versatile force to be reckoned with.The entire album was a hodgepodge of eclectic sounds that somehow cohesively created a musical masterpiece.

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