Who is sarah slean dating

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Now I have a sense of certainty of what I can make.

There is finally no hesitation.” Personally, Slean has also had her share of troubled experiences.

Her music borrows aspects of cabaret, rock, pop and orchestral: all knit together by the startling eclectic poetry of her lyrics, virtuosic piano playing and stunning voice.

Three-time JUNO nominee and Renaissance woman, Sarah Slean has astonishing artistic breadth.

It’s evident that the state-of-the-art studio in Toronto’s east end where she’s working has become Slean’s playground.

While it is populated by a 23-piece orchestra and a room filled with middle-aged recording experts, everyone remains silent until Slean’s ear makes a call.

Although she’s been in the business for more than 13 years and come to terms with the fact that her music will most likely never muster Céline Dion-type sales, Slean has also had to contend with being compared to the other Sarahs in the Can-pop market.

“I raged against people saying I sounded like Sarah Mc Lachlan or Sarah Harmer. The reason I was angry was I was unsure of who I was.

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