Who is sheena easton dating

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Composed and produced by Prince (under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind), one of Sheena Easton's most well-known - and most contentious - releases, now for the first time ever on 12" picture disc, and transferred from the original master tapes at Abbey Road studios.

It’s almost four decades since Sheena Easton last lived in London, and after a few weeks here the Scottish-born singer and actress is still only feeling her way back into town.

"Modern Girl" was released as the follow-up and peaked at #18, and before 1981 was over Sheena had a Top 10 hit in both the US and UK with the Academy Award-nominated James Bond movie theme ”For Your Eyes Only”.

The song was nominated for an Academy Award in 1981 in the category "Best Music (Original Song)".

Easton's US success culminated in her winning the Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" of 1981.

Easton's first three US albums, Sheena Easton (1981) (retitled edition of Take My Time), You Could Have Been With Me (1981), and Madness, Money and Music (1982), were all in the same Soft Rock/Adult Contemporary pop vein.

Granted, she has seen the city mostly through the windows of the car that takes her between her central London flat and the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, where she is making her West End debut, age 57, in the musical 42nd Street.

She had two brothers (Robert and Alex) and three sisters (Marilyn, Annessa and Morag).

In the UK, Easton has had 3 top 40 albums and 8 top 40 singles to date.

Easton's 1980 debut singles, "Modern Girl" and " 9 to 5," entered into the UK top ten, making her the first UK female artist to appear twice in the same top ten.

Easton's website states that despite her mother's heavy workload she was always available for her children: "Sheena always speaks very highly of her mum and the wonderful job she did in bringing up her and her siblings, including teaching them all to read at home before they were even enrolled in school." Easton did not consider a singing career until viewing the movie The Way We Were, with Barbra Streisand.

Streisand's singing over the opening credits "overtook" the young girl and convinced her that what she wanted most was to be a singer and to have the same effect on others.

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