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Throughout her time at the University, she started to write songs for a number of top musicians.It wasn't too long before her hit 'Roll it Gal', a rhythmic women's power-anthem sung by Alison Hinds of Barbados, had taken over the Caribbean airwaves.But it was when my grandmother starting showing me documentaries about Michael Jackson growing up, that I really knew I wanted to do that. We love sports and probably know just as much about the NBA as kids in America. We went to two of the most prestigious secondary schools in Barbados (she went to the same school my dad went to) and that's how we knew each other. I always listened to my parents' Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder albums and they listened to a lot of Motown music like Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and legends like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Prince, Madonna, Donny Hathaway, my favorite voice ever, and Ella Fitzgerald. Usher "My Way" and Brandy "Never Say Never." The first album I ever bought was The Fugees "The Score." Good stuff right? Shontelle: Growing up Barbados isn't much different than growing up anywhere in America, except that Barbados is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

The success of this single was not to be in the United States but reached number twenty-three (23) in the United Kingdom.I was always the class clown, but I was a diligent student. Do you still use what you learned there in your career today? I don't think my Med School friends' books were that big and heavy! But I knew that the broken lovers out there had no song for them. Since that happened I'm even less inclined to date now because I don't want to put another person through that ever again. I judge a person by how they treat others not how they treat me. So much reading - but I love to ague and I have a passion for defending what is right. I had to make some adjustments to suit that on my new album. But don't think it stops my eyes from having a good time! I love tall, handsome guys with strong, fit bodies. They sought her out after hearing 'Roll it Gal' and needed to find who was responsible for those lyrics.Along with their guidance, she spent the next six months creating her debut album.

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