Windows clients not updating dns

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Both our equipment and the network printers use FQDN option 81 and requests the DHCP server to update the DNS and support for this option is also enabled in the DHCP server.Why are only the XP machines added and not the rest ?get the windows copy if you don't have access to a Linux box which has it do; dig @external DNS-IP zone. onceyou have all the data you should be able to to see which NS are the problem, or at least where to look.I have 01 dhcp server on centos and windows dns server(active directory).But client(windows 7 & ubuntu) do not update record on dns server. I want to config dhcp to client can update record to dns. s.10)if it's option 2 then check that the dhcp is forwarding to the windoze dns and that port 53 is allowed both ways on udp otherwise please send some more information.many thanks Howdy Letme see if I understand you correctly when you add a new windoze or a linux box to the network the dynamic update of the client does not get added into the windoze box dns server or is the clients not resolving the records from your windows dns? Regards Per Hi Qvindesland, If DHCP & DNS on windows is very easy.This is NOT a criticism or a complaint just a tip for you to obtain better help."Saibot75" If "Secure only Updates" are being used (they should be) the DHCP server might not be authenticating, or it might not be using the correct DNS server set (ONLY), or it might not be a member of the DNSUpdate Proxy groups, or better be using the correct DNS Update credentials with a valid and current password.

Here is what's going on: We acquired a company a few months ago and I have transferred their registered domain it to our registrar and updated the nameservers with my external DNS provider. Connect to an internal server and see what IP it returns for the domain in question.Of course your internal dns clients are *only* using your windows dns servers.The most likely reason internal clients would get different results than external clients in a split dns config is because the internal zone has different records or a long TTL, which you would have fixed when you updated the cache and resynched the servers manually.I will forward your tips to our system administrators and hope they NOW are able to solve our problem... Kind regards, Tobias Olofsson ONLY if you don't use "Update Credentials" (a regulary user account with non-expiring password).Update Credentials are set to the same account on all (competing) DHCP servers so that the secure updates will not conflict.

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